Filter Pack (Option 1) - to fit John Deere 1445/1545

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Service Filter Pack (Option 1) - to fit John Deere 1445/ 1545

Easy to order filter pack, essential for professional mower maintenance.

Contains 1 each of the following: 23360 Air filter – Outer (As OEM: M131802), 24707 Air filter – Inner (As OEM: M131803), 24705 Fuel filter element (As OEM: M801101), 09664 Oil filter element (As OEM: M806419) 09667, Transmission filter (As OEM: M146082).

TechnicalContains 1 each of the following:23360 Air filter – Outer (As OEM: M131802)24707 Air filter – Inner (As OEM: M131803)24705 Fuel filter element (As OEM: M801101)09664 Oil filter element (As OEM: M806419)09667 Transmission filter (As OEM: M146082)