NSA LP12-18 T3 Type 12v Landport Sealed Battery. AHR 18

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  • AHR: 18

Battery RH+ 12V, 18A.

NSA LP12-18 T3 and FGH21803 12FGH65
Size L 181mm x W 76mm x H 167 (H 167mm max)
TechnicalDimensions: L181 x W76 x H167mm (H167 max)Specification: 18 amps, RH polarityWarranty: 6 months
Fiamm FGH21803
Honda FGH21803
Jacobsen FGH21803
Fiamm 12fgh65
Fiamm f1912b
Landport NSA LP12-18 T3

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